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How to fix License is Expired error in Photoshop CS3

The photoshop "License is Expired" error message is an error message that you will get when you legally or illegally try to activate Photoshop CS3. Even if you have successfully installed Photoshop CS3 with the correct Key and activated it successfully you will get this error message. I have a simple solution to this problem. Follow the steps below to resolve this error message. This tip is just for the users you have activated Photoshop CS3 with a key. Otherwise you will have to activate Photoshop with a key to follow these instructions.
1. Run Photoshop CS3 just to make sure that the error is not resolved!
2. Now go to Start > ContolPanel > Date and Time.
3. Set the system clock time to something like January 5 2006.
4. Restart your system.
5. Start Photoshop CS3 again.
Now I think your problem will have been resolved. This is a genuine crack for License is Expired error in Photoshop. I hope this tweak will work for you.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Rachael Android Cell Phone

The new smart phone from Sony Ericsson, which is rumored to be a Android powered mobile phone was recently exposed. This new phone will be equipped with a 4-inch WVGA screen and an 8 megapixel auto-focus camera.

Sony Ericsson Rachael is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon platform, a 1GHz processor and 3D graphics engine. It is also expected to have a miniUSB and 3.5mm headphone jack.
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China has the largest number of IT users in the world.

China is always a world dominator in adapting and creating new technologies. The Chinese people have loved and utilized the potential of the web like no other. They now have surpassed US population and become the country with the largest number of internet users according to CNNIC. A registry of the total number of internet users and registered top-level domains in China is maintained by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).
China has created history with landing their Taikonut in the moon and now they have surpassed another landmark. There is no relationship between space crafts and surfing the internet, but it showed the technological advantage they have gained over the years. China now has become an indisputable power among the technologically advanced nations in the world. So this is not a very surprising thing that they are also the largest users of internet.
China now has about 338 million internet users. There are about 13 million websites that are registered under the top level domain .cn. The tremendous increase in internet usage in china attributes to many new and modern technologies like popularity of 3G enabled mobiles and other internet enabled gadgets. Among the 338 million users about 155 million access the internet using mobile devices. Almost half of the internet users in China are accessing web on the go.
China is the biggest populated nations in the world. So even though it has surpassed the US population the gross population accessing the internet is close to 40% when compared to 74% in US. The number of security issues is also increasing with the steady growth in internet usage, which is a matter of concern. Technology has both pros and cons. So with increasing number of users China will also become a huge market for security software companies.
China is also the largest broadband internet using nation in the world and .cn, the country code top-level domain of China, is second largest top-level domain in the world.

How to increase your blog traffic with Twitter?

Twitter has proved its dominance in the internet with in a short period. It has become popular among millions of people around the world. They use Twitter like their mobile phones to send messages and that for free. It provides internet users a great oppurtunity to share their deeds with their friends, family, and the world.

Twitter is a efficient and free messaging tool, which  sometimes in the future may replace even e-mails. Time may come that some may ask your Twitter ID so that he can follow you or sent you tweets. This is a great thing in the information exchange point of view, but there are lot of buisness and branding possbilities with Twitter too. Many popular companies have started their own Twitter accounts and share tweets with the world. They see this as an oppurtunity to increase their brand popularity and reach millions of common people around the world at the same time.

We know how much RSS feed have helped bloggers to improve their blog popularity and your feed count is the proof of your blog success and search engines give lot more importance to your feed count while ranking your blog in their list. The time has gone, when you have to post your blog address at forums and request websites to place links in their websites. There is no need for such things now. There are many other ways before us now. You can list your blogs in blog search engines or blog directories, bookmarklets and now you have one other way to increase the popularity of your blog and make it a brand, and that is by using Twitter.

Twitter has opened another oppurtunity for bloggers to start attracting more users to their blog. What you have to do is tweet about the contents of your blog, about your blog, about yourself, and latest happenings in topics that relates to the content of your blog. It will help the world notice your blog so easily and fast. You might have seen the "Follow me at Twitter" button in many websites. So some day it is possible that RSS feeds may be replaced by this button. 

There are many advantages using Twitter than many other services, it offers direct communication among followers and tweeters. It offers dynamic traffic to your site. If some of your followers like your blog or its content they will re-tweet it. In this way you get more traffic without doing anything. Twitter will help you create a brand image for your blog. All you have to do is to start a twitter account with the name of your blog. Another thing is that you can create any number of twitter accounts and manage them easily from your desktop. The most important thing is that it allows you to communicate with your followers, know what they are accepting, take ideas from them, and build a strong relationship with your readers. Many top websites have opened their twitter accounts and already have thousands of followers. So why are your waiting. Start your own Twitter account for your blog and boost your blog traffic.

Hulbee-A tag search engine.

Hulbee is a new search engine which helps you search the web by adding related tags to your search queries. It uses Yahoo search index to provide you with related queries there by helping you to build queries by the click of a mouse button. It is another experiment in simplifying web search. Searching the web with Hulbee is very easy. Hulbee has a very intusive interface. While you search by entering a particular query,then Hulbee presents you with related keywords on the left side. These related queries are displayed as a tag cloud, like in a blog or a website. When you click on any of these tags, it will be added to your search query. In this way you can add more and more tags to your search query there by refining your search results.

I searched with Hulbee and it is a very interesting experience. You can also search Hulbee by entering your search queries and Hulbee will suggest you with related queries in a tag cloud. When a related tag is already in the search result, it will be highlighted. You can refine your search by adding the suggested queries. This will help you narrow your search and get quality results.
Hulbee is not a great search engine or even comparable to search engines like Google. But it will defenitely help you to make your search more simple and according to the developers of Hulbbe:"Changing of query on Hulbee is quite simple. Adding or excluding of query word takes one click. Intellectual technologies allow Hulbee to suggest possible query variants. For successful search it is enough to pick suitable one from suggested variants. Hulbee relieves from the necessity of keyboard using, it is normal to build query with mouse only."I assume that the motivation behind Hulbee is to make you use the mouse more than the keyboard while searching, but I think it is quite useful and will satisfy any kind of user. Moreover, if a search engine can provide you with what you need in one search that is better than building queries. Hulbee is efficient in that aspect too. It provides you with quality results and while adding more and more tags you will get more refined results.
The idea behind Hulbee is simple and it uses a new technology to present keywords with related themes as a cloud. Query suggestion is not a new thing and this option is availabe in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. The only difference is that they suggest you queries while you type your queries. Google provides you with apt query suggestions and it makes your search much faster to some extend. Hulbee implements this idea in a more different way, however, it is the search results that count.

Google also has come up with a new search feature similar to cloud search, which is called Wonder Wheel, which can be accessed by clicking on "Show options" link located on the top left of your search results. It will help you search and refine your results by clicking and navigating among queries suggested by Google.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Free wallpapers for Android

There are lot of websites that offer wallpapers for android G1 Phone. Here is a great collection of free android wallpapers. Download these stunning and amazing Android wallpapers for free by clicking on this link.

Alternatively, you can also download a zip version of these wallpapers by clicking on the following links. The resolution of these wallpapers is 640X480.

Wallpapers for Android phones - Volume 1

Wallpapers for Android phones - Volume 2

Wallpapers for Android phones - Volume 3

Wallpapers for Android phones - Volume 4

Wallpapers for Android phones - Volume 5

Wallpapers for Android phones - Volume 6

Wallpapers Babes for Android phones - Volume 1

I hope you enjoyed the post.

How to keep your system updated automatically?

We have lot of applications installed in our computer. Most of the applications like browsers, anitviruses, firewalls, and others need to be updated to render maximum performance. Otherwise, these applications become outdated and our system will become vulnerable to malicious attacks. Manually updating applications in our system is a monotonous task.
A update tool is a software that will automate the process of updating applications running in your system. It will scan all the applications running in your system and will display available updates and patches for them. Not only that with the click of a button all these updates will be downloaded and applied to respective applications. I will tell you about some update tools that will help you keep your system and its applications updated and secure.

SUMo tops in my list of the best update tool with a huge database of about 90,000 applications. So you will definitely find no problem in getting updates for all the applications installed in your system. It even has updates for other update tools that I will mention in the rest of this post. After starting SUMo click on the "Scan" button to start the scanning process. SUMo will list the applications installed in your system and specifies all the ones where an update is available. SUMo will not install the updates for you. Instead, it only notify you when updates are available. This is a major drawback of SUMo. SUMo is the application with the highest application detection rate than any other update tool. So if you need a tool that can detect updates then this tool is for you.

UpdateStar is second to none when it comes to keep your system updated. It has a nice and cool interface. It is an amazing tool that will detect updates and download those updates for you and help to keep your system secure. It also has a huge database of about 80,000 applications to its credit. But the detection rate is bit low when compared to SUMo just because it only can list applications registered in the system control registry. Otherwise, does a good job and worth a try.

Update Checker
Update Checker is a update tool from Update Checker can scan for applications installed in your system and display updates in a Web page interface. You just have to click on the download icon to download a update. Update Checker can detect only 200 programs and only detects programs installed in the system control registry. But Update Checker includes updates for almost all popular applications including lot of freeware applications. Update Checker is a simple yet powerful update checker you ever need.

Personal Software Inspector
Personal Software Inspector is an all in one update tool that will keep your system secure. This is not just a update tool, but also a security tool that will help you close all the loop holes in your system by which malicious programs enter your system.
PSI is the software update tool from Secuna, which has a intuitive interface. It will help you patch applications there by keeping your system secure. The program has a database of just 4500 applications, but includes all major applications and does a good job in keeping your system up-to-date. PSI first scans for applications and its versions installed in your system. It then sends a report along with a signature of each application to the Secuna server, where it is compared against a database. PSI then presents you with detailed report of which applications are unsafe and needs an update. A wizard will help you install updates for the insecure version of application installed in your system. This is the best update tool I ever know and I highly recommend this tool for you.

Software-UpToDate is the last, but not the least update tool in my list. SoftWare-UpToDate has a huge collection of applications in its database. It can detect applications listed in the system control registry and also will scan your registry to find applications. It then checks if updates are available for applications detected in its online database and notify you. The only drawback is that it can only detect applications and updates. It will not provide you with download link for updates. You manually have to download updates. Software-UpToDate is a nice update tool which can detect many applications and definitely worth a try.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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